Daniel Klischies

Hi, I am Daniel.

I am a software security researcher currently pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Veelasha Moonsamy, as a member of the Chair for Systems Security at Ruhr University Bochum.

Prior to starting my PhD, I was a full-time software engineer developing quality control and data analytics solutions for the automotive industry. As a student I have been working on NLP for the detection of speech disorders, system reliability and developed finance controlling software. → Vita

Security Research

My primary research objective is to understand and improve the security properties of firmware and operating systems. I like to think about complex, interconnected systems, and attempt to understand security vulnerabilities in the context in which they occur.

I currently focus on cellular network technology. Our research results have revealed several high severity vulnerabilities in baseband modems manufactured by Mediatek (CVE-2022-26446, CVE-2022-32591) and Samsung (CVE-2022-39881). → Research

Open Source Contributions

I occasionally contribute features to some open source projects, including: