Daniel Klischies



I am a software security researcher currently pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Veelasha Moonsamy, as a member of the Chair for Systems Security at Ruhr University Bochum.

My primary research interest is the security of interconnected systems, with a focus on firmware and operating systems. I am trying to find methods to discover vulnerabilities in software, and to understand what causes these vulnerabilities in the first place.

I hold a bachelors and a masters degree in computer science from RWTH Aachen University, where I wrote my master thesis on "Enhancing Discriminative Embeddings to Diarize Aphasic Speech".


Prior to starting my PhD, I was a full-time software engineer at HotSprings GmbH, now part of Umlaut (Accenture Industry X), where I developed data analytics software solutions for an OEM in the automotive sector.

Prior to that I worked as an undergraduate research assistant at the Cybernetics Lab, RWTH Aachen University. My primary research project was the automated detection and classification of aphasia symptoms in audio and text samples.

Prior to that I was working as a student worker at ProMyelo where I co-designed and developed an experimental search engine for biomedical research papers, which combined a visual search approach with RDF and NLP based disambiguation features.

Prior to that I was a student worker at ingame GmbH, where I was responsible for site reliability, a major migration of the underlying web framework, and developed an advertising library (interfacing with Google DFP) used by ingame and it's partner publishing websites to serve >1bn ad impressions. The website network has since been disbanded.

Apart from these engagements, I have also been involved in several short term projects and employments, including the development of a finance controlling solution used by a large german temp agency to validate the integrity and correctness of key business indicators across various IT systems, an evaluation of a route optimization system for a global logistics company, and the website relaunch of a swiss chocolatey.